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Skills & Talents


The table below lists all available skills. Of course GMs are free to add more skills, if necessary.

Skills and Talents
Skill Attribute Description
Athletics Warrior Training in swimming, running and jumping.
Axes Warrior Training with axes and polearms
Blunt Weapons Warrior Training in all blunt weapons including maces and staves.
Riding Warrior Training in riding on horses and other common mounts.
Spears Warrior Training with spears and lances.
Swords Warrior Training with all kinds of swords, including two-handed ones.
Unarmed Warrior Training with unarmed fighting.
Acrobatics Rogue Training in activities like dancing, contortion, climbing, tightrope walking, tumbling.
Bows Rogue Skill for using bows and crossbows
Daggers Rogue Training with daggers and knives.
Firearms Rogue Training in the usage of exotic firearms.
Thievery Rogue Training in the roguish arts like picking locks and picking pockets.
Thrown Weapons Rogue Proficiency with thrown weapons like shuriken.
Alchemy Mage Training in creating potions and salves.
Awareness Mage This skill is a measure of a characters awareness of his surroundings.
Herbalism Mage Knowledge of plants, herbs and their medical uses. Can be used to heal critically wounded characters.
Hermeticism Mage Skilled with arcane spells and rituals.
Lore Mage General knowledge.
Thaumaturgy Mage Proficiency with divine spells.

Talents list

The following list contains all available talents. GMs are free to add more if needed.

Armored Caster

You may reduce the armor penalty by 2. May be taken more than once.

Blood Mage

You may substitute mana with hit points when casting spells.


You have to select a cause. You get a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls against enemies of that cause. May be taken more than once.


You can add your Mage attribute level to your magic attack damage once per combat


You are trained in a craft like blacksmithing, carpentry or bowmaking. May be taken more than once.


You may wield a weapon in your off-hand without penalty. Does not grant an extra attack.


You have a small animal like a cat or falcon as a pet that can do some simple tricks.


You are followed by a henchman, that carries your equipment and treasure around.


Your character is a trained hunter and may live off the land easily. When given enough time, he can provide enough food to feed a party of four.


You are a talented leader any may command troops.

Lucky Devil

You may reroll any roll once per scene (or combat)

Massive Attack

You can add your Warrior attribute level to your melee attack damage once per combat

Precise Shot

You can add your Rogue attribute level to your ranged attack damage once per combat


You are trained in steering a boat or sailing ship and don’t get any penalties for fighting on a sea vessel.

Sixth Sense

You may roll the dice before any ambush etc., if you rolls 4+ you’re not surprised and may act first.

Tough As Nails

Every damage taken is reduced by 2.