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Magic Items



This rune covered sword ignores any armor. Attack rolls with this weapon are made against basic Defense.

Holy Sword

This gold-hilted, silvery blade is bane against the undead, inflicting 2d6 damage to skeletons, zombies, vampires, and their ilk.

Warmage Armor

This plate armor from the time of the Imperium uses special enchantments to allow casters to wear it without penalty. It’s statistics are equal to normal plate armor, but it’s AP is 0.

Enchanted Armor

The most common of enchanted armors, these suits and shields are unusually durable and permit the flow of arcane energies more effectively. Enchanted armors and shields gain a +1 Defense bonus and reduce their Armor Penalties by 1. Roll 1d6 to determine the type, then another 1d6 to determine the actual armor/shield:

  • Roll 1. Type (1-4: Armor, 5-6: Shield)
  • Roll 2. Actual armor/shield (Armor 1: Leather, 2: Scale, 3: Lamellar, 4: Chain, 5: Light Plate, 6: Heavy Plate; Shield 1-2: Small Shield, 3-5: Large Shield, 6: Tower Shield)

Healing Potion

This vial contains a red bubbling liquid that heals 1d6 HP when quaffed.

Mana Potion

This vial contains a blue bubbling potion that restores 1d6 Mana points when quaffed.

Gauntlets of Titanic Strength

These large gauntlets cause 2d6 damage when used for unarmed attacks.

Feathered Cloak

This cloak is completely covered by raven feathers that slow every fall, so that the wearer does not sustain any damage from the fall.


This simple whitewood stave can extend or retract on command, shrinking so as to fit within the palm or growing up to 10 yards in length or any length in between. This makes it extremely versatile; it can be easily concealed, used as a baton or staff in combat, used as a walking stick, used for poling rafts and boats over shallow water, or for bridging gaps shorter than its full extended length. The Changestave has the same traits as the staff when used in combat.